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Build enterprise value while reducing risk.

We work with CEOs, PE and venture firms, family offices and investors to increase the profitability, accelerate the growth and reduce the risk to their companies.

We design a custom-tailored approach for each business in three basic categories:


1. Operational Improvements

We’ve worked with a wide range of leading professional organizations, which we can combine to address virtually any challenge that a company may face.

Some examples:

  • An operational consulting firm that consistently improves earnings by 25% to 75% with 80+% of its compensation contingent upon successful implementation.
  • A BPO for indirect purchases that improves pre-tax profits by 2% to 4% on a risk-free basis.
  • An intelligence firm which employs AI to achieve an accuracy rate of 90+% in predicting business outcomes. This software is so powerful that only the declassified version can be used for civilian projects.

2. Digital Transformation

We collaborate with management to reimagine and to reengineer the company’s business model to leverage digital technologies in order to remain competitive.

This transition is essential since digitally transformed companies will be the industry leaders.

    • BCG / “Leading digital incumbents outperformed the S&P 1200 by about 50% as they used their digital capabilities to improve customer experience and productivity and began to focus on innovative revenue growth.”
    • McKinsey / “Industry 4.0 technologies were already transforming manufacturers’ operations before the pandemic. Now adoption is diverging between technology haves and have-nots.”

It’s critical to understand that the focus should be on becoming ultra-customer-centric, where the customers include the end users, the distributors, the employees, the vendors, the regulators, and the community.

Technology is the enabler; not the end in and of itself.

3. Capital Strategy/Formation

  • We assist in designing the optimal capital structure balancing flexibility, dilution and risk.
  • We can raise the capital, if required, from institutional investors and family offices through our registered broker-dealer, Comstock Partners.

Beat your competitors and be the industry leader.