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Comstock works with management to reduce a business’s risk to access capital on superior terms.


Significantly lowering a company’s risk improves its chances for success.

Lower Cost of Capital

A low-risk company can borrow on improved terms with respect to both rate and less restrictive covenants.

Higher Sustainable Valuation

A low-risk company attains a higher sustainable valuation, resulting in reduced dilution and an enhanced exit value.

More Possibilities

Lowering a company’s risk increases the universe of potential investors and/or acquirers.

Most companies have a low level of risk awareness, exposing them to risk they aren’t even aware of.

Boards spend only 9% of their time considering risk.

(2017: 1,126 sample)

Only 6% believe they are effective at managing risk.

“On strategic opportunities and risk trade-offs, boards should foster explicit discussions and decision making among top management and the businesses.”

McKinsey: October 2018

Risk Resiliency

We live in a rapidly-moving, ever-changing environment: economics, technology, politics, regulation, international events, strikes, and disasters.

Every business faces new opportunities and threats almost daily. To win, a business must first survive.


Risk-resilient strategies enable you to:

  • Withstand sudden and unexpected challenges
  • Quickly identify critical changes in the firm’s business environment
  • Readily develop responsive strategies and tactics based on the current strategy and positioning of the firm

Beat your competitors and be the industry leader.