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Change Your Company’s Trajectory

An A+ team of operationally-oriented advisory companies

We change the trajectory of your company’s earnings and growth while reducing risk.

  • Increase earnings 25+% to accelerate growth.
  • Achieve 90+% accuracy in predicting economic and business outcomes.
  • Secure proprietary IP to become the industry leader.

Client companies include: Accenture, BAE, Blackstone, Dish, Gap, Hasbro, KKR, Humana, Panasonic, US and foreign governments.

We work with the CEO and his/her team to:

  • Guide the process and integrate the deliverables of the respective advisors.
  • Develop a strategy to leverage the new competitive advantages of the company.
  • Design the optimal capital structure and raise the required capital, if necessary.
  • Compensation: Cash and equity to assure alignment.

SEQUENCING / In our experience, these first two initiatives (Team A and Team B) have the maximum positive impact and lay the foundation for subsequent significant improvements in value:


LEADERSHIP / Team A obtains the best executive coach for the CEO

  • Every elite athlete has a coach, so should every CEO to significantly improve performance.
  • The gains from personal coaching are so impactful that the top tennis players and golfers pay for their coaches out of their own personal resources.
  • McKinsey: “Organizations whose leaders successfully empower others through coaching are nearly four times more likely to make good decisions than those whose leaders don’t and to outperform industry peers financially.”
  • Every CEO needs someone he/she can confide in whose sole allegiance is to the CEO. By definition that individual isn’t the Chairman of the Board or his/her PE/VC executive superior since those individuals are representatives of the investors

Team A: Over 100 of the world’s best coaches otherwise only available by word of mouth.

  • Interviews the CEO and suggests three different coaches.
  • The coach chosen works with the CEO for approximately an hour each week for an initial term of six months but more likely in the range of twelve to twenty-four months.

  • I have known the founder for 25+ years, who is acknowledged as “the best executive coach in the world”.

OPERATIONS / Team B implements an operating plan that will improve earnings by 25%+

  • Most of this improvement is achieved by combining and editing the insights and ideas of that company’s employees which Team B leverages with its experience and proprietary software.
  • Team B provides confidentiality, so employees can be candid with their observations.
  • Team B only has senior people with operating experience.
  • 50+% of Team B’s compensation is contingent on successful implementation where Team B works with the line managers.
  • Earnings gains achieved each year as a % of the stated goal:
    + 25% in year 1
    + 75% in year 2
    + 100% in year 3

Selected clients: KKR, Blackstone, Humana, Panasonic

Case studies: Summarized in the Appendix of this PDF

NEXT STEPS / The sequencing of the next steps are custom tailored to each company’s circumstances.

Some may be performed in parallel while others are best approached sequentially.

INDIRECT PROCUREMENT / Team C outsources indirect procurement to increase PBT by 2 to 4 points

  • Indirect procurement purchases can amount to 20%+ of a company’s revenues.
  • Risk-free:
    + Estimate of the savings is provided at no charge in under five weeks.
    + Fixed price contracts with decrements if targeted savings aren’t achieved and increments if the targets are exceeded.
    + No markup. Client receives all invoices and is the contracting party.
  • Improved flexibility: Can access supplementary suppliers on a timely basis if needed because of the relationships and leverage that Team C has with these suppliers.

Selected clients: Dish, Gap, Hasbro, Ocean Spray, Prudential, Rite Aid, Titleist

PROPRIETARY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY / Team D can give your company a commanding IP position in its industry to become the industry leader

  • Designs patent portfolios from a top-down perspective leading to the ability to identify emerging and converging market categories the control of which can be obtained through a strategic patent portfolio. (e.g., the Industrial Internet of Things)

  • Can expand a company’s existing patent portfolio to enhance its competitive advantage.

  • Can extend the company’s patent portfolio to new industries to improve the strength of the patent claims and provide incremental revenues.

  • Can license/sell Team D’s proprietary IP to the client, providing the client with a potentially controlling IP position.

RISK REDUCTION / Team E significantly minimizes risk

  • 90+% accurate in predicting results as per verification by the US government.

  • Used by the US State Department in every significant negotiation.
  • The proprietary analytics, AI and software are so powerful that only the declassified version can be employed in commercial situations.
  • Applications: M&A, Negotiations, Contracts, Due Diligence, Regulatory Risk, Business Process Engineering, Marketshare Analytics

Selected clients: Accenture, BAE, De Beers, Raytheon, US and foreign governments

STRATEGIC NEGOTIATIONS / Team F is the premier firm in negotiation strategy and execution

  • Negotiation professionals who are the recognized leaders in this discipline
  • The outcomes of these situations are too important to be led by executives who don’t do this full-time.
  • Key axiom: The principal should “never be in the room.”
    + Avoids the principal being “put on the spot” as in “so do we have a deal”? since agents can’t commit, which provides time to evaluate and to consider potential alternatives.
    + Permits differing strategies such as “good cop/bad cop”.
    + Allows for disavowal of an aggressive strategy: Principal: “I never authorized that approach”.
    + Lets any residual friction attach to the negotiator and not the principal or to the company.

INNOVATION / Team G starts the management thinking creatively with new approaches and high impact ideas

  • Team G is the leader in the Design Thinking space: a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.
  • Guides the company on how to leverage a multi-disciplinary team with diverse perspectives to achieve unique solutions.
  • The company’s executives learn collaborative, multi-disciplinary approaches to achieve high-impact, breakthrough solutions resulting from the synergies of diverse experiences, competencies,
    and perspectives.
  • New areas to consider:
    + The Metaverse: a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users: brand marketing/consumer engagement; digital twins; training
    + The Permissionless Corporation: Uses digital technologies to unleash the creative and collaborative potential of people rather than trapping them in endless reporting and coordination loops.

WAR GAMING / Team H applies War Gaming to test Design Thinking hypotheses

  • Team H: Senior US Navy officers (ret.) who have used War Gaming as a management tool throughout their careers for logistics, supply chain, battle plans, etc.

  • A wargame is a role-played simulation of a business situation.

  • War Gaming does not predict the future: it identifies potential futures.