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Marshall Goldsmith

Author / Executive Coach

The only two-time Thinkers 50 | #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

“Jeff Balash provides a rare combination of deep strategic knowledge with an understanding of the people side of the organization. He is one of the most creative people I have met!”

Burton Malkiel

Author | A Random Walk Down Wall Street

“Jeff Balash is a creative thinker and a brilliant analyst. There is no better problem solver available.”

Jeff Stiefler

Former President & Director | American Express
Lead Independent Director | FIS/WorldPay

“I have known and worked closely with Jeff for almost 20 years across a number of different and challenging business situations. In all cases, Jeff’s strategic insights, analytical ability, and extensive network of contacts helped in a material way to improve the outcome. On top of all of that, and importantly, Jeff is a terrific human being, fearless and a great partner.”


Kevin Surace

Chairman and CTO | Appvance.ai
Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009

“Jeff has tons of contacts and tons of insight. He uses them both right when you least expect it. And it works! Lots of experience in one seemingly unassuming gentleman.”

Michael Kubin

EVP | Invidi Technologies
CEO | Ionic Media

“There’s smart, and then there’s practical smart. Consultants can be insightful and brilliant, but those qualities mean little unless those insights and brilliance can be applied in a useful way to the client’s needs. Jeff Balash is insightful, brilliant and practical. His recommendations are designed to work in the real world, to solve real problems with practical solutions. That’s an unbeatable and uniquely attractive combination of skills that he puts to use on behalf of his clients.”


Bob Hellman

Managing Director & CEO | American Infrastructure

Simply put, Jeff gets it done for you. When you need that trusted partner who will walk through walls to find solutions, he’s the right call.

Jay Bloom

Co-founder | Trimaran Capital Partners

“I have known Jeff Balash for almost 40 years. He has always amazed me with his massive intelligence, uber creativity, capacity for work, and dedication to achieving the desired results. In addition to that, he will always go beyond the call to help his client. Moreover, he is a great guy to work with.”

Jeff Norton

Founder | Awesome Media & Entertainment

“I’ve known Jeff Balash for over fifteen years and he is that rare breed who combines strategic thinking with operational common sense. He can operate at 30,000 feet and down in the weeds at the same time, and I’ve come to treasure his advice and perspective.”

Teddy Shalon

CEO | WaterGuru

Jeff combines the rare talents of a free-thinker looking outside the box and mature business sense honed by decades of experience. He melds these unique talents with a network of like-minded business people spanning geography, business domains and expertise. He masterfully combines these assets to craft solutions that add value to any business.

Bob Poole

Chairman | Bricoleur Capital Management LLC

“Harnessing Jeff’s broad network, genius-level intelligence and Sisyphean persistence should help your business scale Mount Olympus.”

David Hughes

CEO | The Search Agency

“I have known Jeff Balash for over 20 years and have found him to be incredibly bright, creative and insightful. From strategy to operations to financial expertise, Jeff rolls up his sleeves and can support and help all levels of an organization.”

Dean Kehler

Managing Partner | Trimaran Capital

“Jeff combines wisdom and creativity, experience and integrity. He is a seasoned operator who knows how to get results and build value.”

M. Michael Ansour

Managing Partner | March Partners LLC

“Jeffrey Balash has the most important skill in all decision making: ‘impeccable judgment’. When mixed with his natural analytical skills and extensive experience, this leads to superlative outcomes and value creation in any problem he tackles.”

Wilf Jaeger

Managing Partner | HealthInvest Equity Partners

“Jeff is smarter than you are. He is an eccentric genius, the George Will of baseball and business.

Fred Fenster

Partner | Greenberg Glusker 

“I have known Jeffrey for more than 15 years and have always found his advice to be sound, insightful and forward thinking. He continually proposes imaginative solutions to what appear to be insoluble problems which enhance his clients’ presence in their respective industries.

Edwin Marguiles

CEO | Thrio

“I’ve worked with Jeff for two decades and in several high tech start-ups. Once in a great while you are able to work with someone who’s highly strategic and creative. Jeff is certainly both. He looks at each situation from many sides, always probing and challenging assumptions. He’s a great thinker and doer.

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