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Reimagining the Supply Chain

During the past 20 years, the supply chain has gone from being regarded as a must-have cost center to a more purpose-led, agile, sustainable function. It has become more intelligent, digital, and resilient.


Henkel Supply Chain Executive

Previously primarily one dimensional:

What solution provides the lowest delivered cost?


What solution is the most risk-resilient and cost-efficient?

  • Lessons from the pandemic
  • Availability of microprocessors
  • Challenges from the Ukrainian conflict

In-country supply chains

  • Simpler logistics with elimination of many potential bottlenecks: container shortages, clogged harbors, availability and cost of air freight
  • Improved response time
  • Decreased working capital and transportation cost
  • Elimination of tariffs
  • Reduced costs with increased automation eliminating the advantages of less expensive labor markets
  • Potentially more reliable and more economical energy
  • Consideration of greater vertical integration
    Example: Companies designing proprietary microprocessors to meet their specific needs

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