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Increase earnings 25+% to accelerate growth.

Achieve 90+% accuracy in predicting economic and business outcomes.

Secure proprietary IP to become the industry leader.

“I have known and worked closely with Jeff for almost 20 years across a number of different and challenging business situations. In all cases, Jeff’s strategic insights, analytical ability, and extensive network of contacts helped in a material way to improve the outcome. On top of all of that, and importantly, Jeff is a terrific human being, fearless and a great partner.”

Jeff Stiefler

Former President & Director | American Express
Director & Former Chairman | FIS/WorldPay

“Jeff Balash provides a rare combination of deep strategic knowledge with an understanding of the people side of the organization. He is one of the most creative people I have met!”

Marshall Goldsmith
The only two-time
Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

We partner with CEOs, PE and venture firms, family offices and investors to increase the profitability, accelerate the growth and reduce the risk to their companies.

Or as one of my Millennial colleagues says: “If you hang out with us, you’ll have a lot of fun learning, run a firm that will be the envy of your competitors and make a lot of money!”

We design a custom-tailored approach with a team of experts that’s focused on four categories for each business we work with.

1. Operational Improvements

We can solve virtually any challenge a company may face by assembling a dedicated team of professionals to address that company’s specific issues. We call this combined powerhouse of talent “ZeusThink” for its high-impact results. For example, our team has improved earnings for portfolio companies of Blackstone, KKR, and Apollo as well as for Accenture, BAE, De Beers, Dish, Gap, Hasbro, Humana, PanasonicPrudential, Rite Aid, and Titleist. Clients also include the US and foreign governments.

Some examples include:

  • An operational consulting firm that consistently increases earnings by 25+%. More than fifty percent of that firm’s compensation is contingent upon successful implementation. This firm only uses senior professionals with operating experience and emphasizes obtaining “buy in” from middle managers and front-line workers so that they truly get behind the project and implement the ideas. Its clients include two of the top five PE firms, a multinational electronics firm and a healthcare firm in the top 50 of Fortune’s US firms.
  • A BPO for indirect purchases that improves its clients’ pre-tax profits by 2% to 4% on a risk-free basis. Its clients include multiple national retailers, insurance firms, consumer products and media companies.
  • A strategy firm that employs proprietary AI to achieve an accuracy rate of 90+% in predicting business outcomes such as mergers, labor negotiations, and pricing questions. Its tools are so powerful that we can only use the declassified version in commercial situations.

  • A partnership with the world’s leading executive coaches to significantly improve the performance of the CEO and his/her team.

2. Digital Transformation

We collaborate with management to reimagine and to reengineer a company’s business model to leverage digital technologies to become an industry leader.

This transition is essential, since digitally transformed companies will provide the customer with superior deliverables and be the low-cost provider.

  • Technology is the enabler, not the end in and of itself. The focus needs to be on re-imagining the entire business model to be truly customer-centric. “The point of digital transformation isn’t to become digital. It’s actually to generate value for the business. And having a clear, integrated, top-down road map of where that value is is one of the biggest gaps between companies that get the full value and companies that get something that is just a shadow approximation of the full value.”
  • Boston Consulting Group / “Leading digital incumbents outperformed the S&P 1200 by about 50% as they used their digital capabilities to improve customer experience and productivity and began to focus on innovative revenue growth.”
  • McKinsey / “Industry 4.0 technologies were already transforming manufacturers’ operations before the pandemic. Now adoption is diverging between technology haves and have-nots.”

It’s critical to understand that the focus should be on becoming ultra-customer-centric, where the customers include the end users, the distributors, the employees, the vendors, the regulators, and the community.

3. Business Development

We significantly expand a company’s customer base by leveraging our network to reach senior C-suite decision makers one-on-one and to communicate our client company’s value proposition succinctly.


  • We know how to speak with CEOs. We’ve advised them for over thirty years.
  • Salespeople generally talk too much. We listen, learn and address the other person’s key issues.
  • Most of the deciding factors in concluding a sale are typically emotional, not logical.

4. Capital Strategy/Formation

We assist in designing the optimal financing structure to maximize flexibility while minimizing cost and risk.


  • For medium size companies, Comstock can raise the required capital through its affiliated broker-dealer, Comstock Partners LLC.
  • For leading industrials, Comstock can orchestrate the process, since we understand the inherent conflicts of interest that exist for all of the major investment banks. Namely, institutional investors are far more important to an investment bank than is any one industrial client. The aggregate fees generated by these investors dwarf what any one industrial client can produce. Having worked for major investment banks, we understand how the playing field can be “tilted” in favor of the institutions and know how to restore it to being approximately level.
  • Executives, boards and companies don’t spend sufficient time considering and evaluating risk.

Beat your competitors and be the industry leader.